Making a Difference

Helping to educate the public about the great need for adoption for all breeds, purebred and mixed breeds, in the southern United States of America, and opening up opportunities to adopt by increasing transportation networks for animals to Canada and the Northern US. 

About Us

The Need


There are currently hundreds of thousands, if not millions of animals that need adopting in the south. If you want a specific breed - adopt! Simply go to and put your location as the southern united states (for example Dallas Texas) and then contact the rescues that are doing adoptions down there and ask if they will let you adopt where you live. Many do and you could save many many lives. 

Our History


The Underground Railway grew out of the need Tova Jamernik saw down in the United States for adoption. She couldn't find a single Great Dane in Canada but there were over 99 in the state of Texas alone needing adoption! She has initiated the cause to the right. Please share and join this movement to #payitforward and donate 5% of real estate fees to a great cause and help millions of animals or other great charities at the same time. 

Animals Are Our Mission


Tova has offered to give 5% of her real estate fees to this charity,  or the charity of her client's choice, and she challenges other realtors to do the same.  

Contact her at today. 

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